As a fan disappointed by the recent disregard of "The Fever Letter" and of the Chlark relationship I was inspired to begin an ongoing fundraiser to raise funds to place a "Fight the Future:  SAVE CHLARK" advertisement in the entertainment trade papers in Los Angeles.

Chlark has been and important incredibly profound relationship in Smallville and I refuse to let it be tragically overlooked and shoved aside by a contrived relationship and story line that are being influenced by a future that was written long ago.

The Goal: 

To raise at least $ 3,000 USD for the Hollywood Reporter Ad= 1/2 of a page in B/W.

Worldwide contributions can be made through a secure PayPal link through this website.  I will keep an update of how much we have raised so we won't go over the amount that is needed.

In the past fan driven advertisements have seemed like a long shot, but have proven to me successful.  Remember the winning X-Files 2 movie campaign that ran in the Hollywood Reporter.  See link below for that.

Please join me in this endeavor.

P.S: If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at:

Ad Breakdowns:

National 2008/2009

Print Only Gross


Full Page Rate

4 Color 11,900

BW 4,800


Partials Rate

1/2 P 4C 10,100

1/4 P 4C 4,800

1/8 P 4C 3,600

1/2 P BW 2,900

1/4 P BW 1,400

1/8 P BW 1,000


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